3D Ankle Strap

3D Ankle Strap
3D Ankle Strap

3D Ankle Strap

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Product Description and Size Guide

This athli 3D ankle strap is a must for everyone who loves cable kickbacks at home (resistance band) or at the gym (cable machine)! Kick with your foot instead of your joint! Try it and you will feel the difference. With 3 ways to connect the cable only your imagination can stop you from inventing new glute & leg exercises in the gym!

Athli 3D ankle strap is excellent for: 

* Glute Kickbacks 

* Cable Leg Extensions 

* Kneeling Kickbacks 

* Cable Abductions (Sitting, kneeling or standing). 

* Glute Push-Down's 

* Cable Inner Thigh Pulls 

* ... & so much more!

One Size fits all. Can be used with or without shoes.

1 PCS is included in the price!

Every Ankle Strap comes delivered in an athli mesh bag. Store your ankle strap in the bag to prevent it from getting dirty while not being used. 

Material: Nylon.

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